Aimless feat. Rosapaulina

After a prolonged week of inactivity I present you another little gem of house music. Sorry for the lack of activity recently, but there have been some changes in my life and I have moved to South Korea for half a year.

So today we have a nice house track called Aimless from the Berlin based Nicolai Toma featuring Rosapaulina! Nicolai Toma has been on the Groovy Beats radar for some time, producing some groovy tracks satisfying the ears of the audience. We especially love his track ‘Summer in my Mind’, so if you haven’t had a chance to listen to it, check it out!

The Aimless EP brought out by Nicolai Toma consists of 4 tracks, 3 remixes and the original. Ada and Matteo Luis are in charge of the remixes producing some pretty dope stuff.

The original we feature here is a nice smooth piece of House, with beautiful vocals from Rosapaulina, which also features in his ‘Summer in my Mind’.


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