Today we have something very fresh, taken from the new and highly acclaimed Django Unchained, one of the latest movies from Quentin Tarantino. Besides the great story which is full of action and the great actors starring in the movie, the soundtrack of this movie is truly fantastic.

The original song featured in the movie by Anthony Hamilton and Elayna Boynton is the real deal. Soulful, great vocals, sexy beat, an awesome piano with a cold guitar will make you fall in love with this great track. However, somewhere in Munich two young German producers by the name of Kool & Kabul decided to play a bit with the original track and bring the awesomeness level to 100%. So they played, played, played and eventually brought out this epic edit, giving the original track a fresh vibe. Kool & Kabul have been producing some impressive stuff and if you are not familiar with their tunes certainly keep an ear out as we will certainly feature more stuff from the young duo.


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