I’m Into You

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Today we bring a little gem for you in the name of I’m Into You by Chet Faker. Although some might not be familiar with Chet, surely there are plenty of people who have heard of him and are in love with his fantastic music. We believe that the talented Aussie deserves much more attention and recognition for his incredible tracks, but then again its also kind of cool that he isn’t that mainstream, keeping his tracks hugely unique and special. If you’re not familiar with his music we recommend you listen to the following tracks from him: No Diggity, Jeans & Wallet or Terms and Conditions.

I’m Into You – brings another masterpiece created by the cool Aussie. Captivating from the beginning the deep melodic sounds, the piano and a breath of his incredible vocals ultimately create a magical bong of sounds, pleasing the ear. The melancholic track is perfect for chilling, making love with your partner, cocooning on a rainy day or any other million situations you could find yourself to be in. Deep, reflective, calm and magical this track surely is one cool hit! Craving for more, we can only look forward to future productions from the brilliant Chet Faker. Enjoy your audition…

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