Sticks & Stones (Powel Remix)

This Sunday we have something melancholic and chilled for your soul. The guys in charge are Steffen Linck and Powel.

Steffen Linck, from Berlin has been creating some impressive music based on the simple idea that good music dosen’t actually need a vast number of instruments and sounds in order to grow, but simplicity and purity. Steffen has been inspired mainly by folkmusic of the 60’s and this can certainly be sensed in his music.

His greatly impressive voice paints strong, melancholic love stories which will carry you away. The talented artists certainly has a bright future ahead of him, reminding us of a young Bob Dylan.

On the other hand, Powel also from Berlin, is a big favourite here at Groovy Beats. Powel is simply a master when it comes to producing some dope, chilled tracks. His brilliant, shinning talent can be heard in majestic tracks such as “I Don’t Waste My Tears On You’ or ‘Someday’. The two masterpieces from the German are simply pure medicine for the ears and soul.

‘Sticks & Stones’ is simply an eargasmic combination between two outstanding artists from the German capital. The beautiful vocals of Steffen Linck, the smooth guitar and Powel’s touch ultimately make the perfect chill song for any day, not just a Sunday.

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